Jafril Khalil


Islamic Banking is expected to be an alternative solution for general financing for especial group of community which hold on strictly to sharia principle that prohibits bank interest or in term of sharia called: riba! By the Muslim Community of Indonesia the existence of Islamic bank is expected  to fully implement banking practice on the ground of Islamic Law (sharia), so the Muslim community which is a majority citizen of Indonesia may stand forth muamalah in relation to shall agree with Islamic principle of muamalah, since that is the condition to warrant a rightful contract in every transaction of Islamic bank.

The ignorance of some community may case people hesitation in dealing with Islamic bank, eventhough this bank to serve not only Muslim community but also for non-moslem community. there is a need to socialize and educate bankers to know and understand sharia principles in Islamic banking before they sell the product of sharia bank to public.

This article discusses such sharia principles in banking consisted four principles as: non-riba trading; trading rightful goods or services and no mixed between rightful and unrightful things; the willingness of parties involved in the contract; the trusted, honest and responsible of fund management.


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