Keamanan Pelayaran di Selat Malaka dan Implikasinya Bagi Negara-Negara Pantai

Humphrey Wangke


Piracy has been becoming an endemic threat in the Malacca straits since the waters plays an increasing strategic role as an alternative sea line for world economy and trade . For the time being, the littoral states which control sovereigntyover the straits confronts the threat by organizing cooperation in form of coordinated patrols. Due to the reason that the recent threat in the straits stemming not only from the piracy, but also terrorism, the writer argues that the coordinated patrols were not adequate to handle the rising challenges there. He is of the opinion that now is the time for the all three littoral states to make an integrative war against piracy and terrorism that can go beyond the non-interference principle.

Kata Kunci : Keamanan, Perompak, Teroris, Selat Malaka, Patroli Terkoordinasi


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